Arabiata Stores Sheraton

Cairo, Egypt

Arabiata is one of the rapidly growing food chains in Egypt. It started at Korba in 1948 until it reached Concord Mall and Cargo Airport in 2014. At the following locations, Arabiata and its founder, Shabrawy, sought a new look that merges together it's oriental and the modern characteristics, based upon which we, CDC, gained the trust of taking such lead. Consequently, a vast shift will result in all of the upcoming branches' designs.

Scope of work

The Scope of work included all the entailed works, Interior & Exterior Design.

  • Project Area Food & Beverage
  • LocationCairo, Egypt
  • SectorsConceptual Design
    Construction Documents
    Design Development
    Preparation and Brief
    Site Supervision
    Technical Design
The exterior cannot do without the interior since it is from this, as from life, that it derives much of its inspiration and character.
Stephen Gardiner