Iraqi Army Extra Large (XL) Garrison Support Unit (GSU)

Samarra, Iraq

The project consists of planning, restoring, constructing, and improving the military unit located in Iraq. The goal is to provide command and associated facilities for an Iraqi Army XL Garrison Support Unit (GSU) based on projected tenant unit. The scope of work includes developing a Utility Master Plan (UMP), to incorporate:

o Potable water treatment, storage, and distribution

Design Assumptions:
1. Raw Water will be supplied from water deep water wells.
2. Water will be treated using chemical treatment system composed of chemical storage tank, water analyzer and chemical dosing pumps.
3. Water will be stored in above ground water tank, based on one day.
4. Water will be distributed using booster set pumps and distribution network.

o Wastewater collection, treatment, and elimination

Design Assumptions:
1. The project’s RFP document calls for using a gravity sanitary sewer system.
2. Where gravity flow is not practical, the system shall consist of a series of holding tanks, holding capacity is assumed 3 days retention.
3. Average waste water demand is 200 liter/person/day; this will give a total of 127 m3 sewage water flow per day.
4. With 3 days holding capacity, this means 380 m3, assumed we will use 4 holding tanks, each will have 100 m3 (The estimates are based on project population of 639 persons).

Scope of work


  • Project Area Defense
  • Cost USD 13,000,000.00
  • SectorsConceptual Design
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