Magrabi Hospital Facade

Cairo, Egypt

Magrabi Group launched several state-of-the-art centers with the objective of providing comprehensive eye and ear care to the local and regional communities in the Middle East.
Strategically located in the center of Cairo, the renovation of the existing hospital building using natural stone aimed to integrate the building with its surroundings.
The success of this development derives from the critical mixture of the area and follows a tradition mixed-use of the past and the present. The master planning of the location assures public access.
The change of the external look of a constructed Magrabi Hospital, with the use of natural stone, to provide a more relaxing and reassuring impression.

Scope of work

Face-lifting and redesign of external façade for improvement of external look of the hospital.

  • Project Area Health care
  • Cost 2,000,000.00
  • SectorsConceptual Design
    Construction Documents
    Design Development
    Preparation and Brief
    Site Supervision
    Technical Design
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