Fayed Air Base Upgrade

Fayed, Egypt

The Project consists of renovation of existing 32 shelters, construction of new missile shelters, provision of base infrastructure including all road networks, power, water, and sewer lines as well as communications.
The project involved miscellaneous buildings construction to support personnel and airbase functions including housing, guard towers, training facilities, maintenance as well as workshops.
In addition, it included the installation of airfield lighting for runways, taxiways, shelter aprons, the construction of the new runway, taxiway plus shelter apron in asphalt and rigid pavement.

Scope of work

CDC’s scope included the production of structural and electrical shop drawings for 18 of the 80 total facilities of the airbase.
In addition, the design revision and assessment of Fayed’s 55m high (1500m3 capacity) elevated tank, the production of the assessment report in addition to the tanks’ safety certificate stamped by a qualified professional engineer.

  • Project Area Defense
  • Cost 25,000,000.00
  • SectorsConceptual Design
    Working Drawings
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