Ahl Masr Specialised Burnt Hospital

Cairo, Egypt

With 80,000 annual burn incident, Egypt’s rate is significantly higher than low/middle income countries within its Eastern Mediterranean region, Africa region, and global average.
Currently Egypt does not have the adequate infrastructure to sustain the high number of burn injuries that occur annually.

The public sector accounts for the bulk of hospital care in Egypt, but its share is steadily declining. Public sector hospitals have been underfunded for years and many function poorly. Facilities are often out of date and badly maintained, Patients with serious injury require immediate specialized care in order to minimise morbidity and mortality.

Ahl Masr took the initiative to establish the first 60 bedded state of the art non-profit hospital for treating burn victims in the Middle East.
The hospital provides free service for both children and adults and offers an integrated system for treatment and Rehabilitation.
The hospital will seek JCI and American Burn Association ABA accreditation and will be affiliated with American Society for plastic surgeries.

Scope of work

Construction Development Center team provided The performance of the preliminary studies, functional/space program analysis, and production of the conceptual design for the hospital.

  • Project Area Health care
  • LocationCairo, Egypt
  • SectorsConceptual Design
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