ANA RLC Herat Barracks Expansion

Herat, Afghanistan

ANA RLC Herat Barracks expansion is for the addition of the following structures to be contained within the Regional Logistics Center compound built in Herat.
-Barracks Space for 350 personnel. It can be one or two stories. The current 140 man design is acceptable for 2 barracks. The design of the battalion staff Barracks can accommodate the remaining 70 personnel. Force Protection standoff against the wall facing the Regional Training Center facility is not required because of the controlled access to that area. Construction can occur within 5 meters of the existing wall.
-Expand or build a secondary facility to accommodate Shower and Latrine Facilities.
-Expand or build a secondary facility to accommodate additional ammunition storage.
-Build an administration facility for 60 personnel. The current building labelled "Standby Police Battalion Administration Second Building" is acceptable.
-Build a logistical building to support storage of equipment and supplies. The Logistical Bldg. is a rectangular building with a minimum of 1500 square meters but not to exceed 1600 square meters of covered space. It have at least one bay door capable of backing in a Ford Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV). It meets the same heating and cooling standards as the larger logistical facility. It contains one private office of 12 square meters. There is one storage room of 20 square meters with a locking door. The rest of the space is an open space.
-Build a Medical administration facility for 14 personnel. Building space is 10m x 15m.
Building contains one medical treatment room min 12 square meters and this room contains one sink for washing hands.

There are two private offices a minimum of 12 square meters. There is a conference room capable of seating all 14 personnel and open bay space for the remaining 12 personnel. The building contains a separate male and female toilet and sink areas both with lockable doors.

Scope of work


  • Project Area Defense
  • Cost 18,000,000.00
  • SectorsConceptual Design
    Working Drawings
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