Audi Bank Head Quarter

6th October City, Egypt

One of the top 10 banks in Lebanon and a reputable bank worldwide, Bank Audi, manages today a global activity of US$ 17.5 billion, of which 24% in Europe and the Middle East and 76% in Lebanon.
On a consolidated basis, the strategy of the Bank is to further expand its activity abroad in order to reach a more balanced activity structure and to reinforce the global immunity of the Group.

Scope of work

Construction Development Center was selected to provide construction management and comprehensive engineering services for over 16 branches including the administrative headquarters for Audi Bank in 6th October district.

As primary occupant of 6000 m², the Bank desired significant Banking Hall off the building entry lobby and five floors of several administrative office spaces for private banking, operations, conference and training.

  • Project Area Administration Buildings
  • Location6th October City, Egypt
  • SectorsDesign Review
    Project Management
    Quality Control
    Site Supervision
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