CISSIMMO Corporation Head office

Dakar, Senegal

Designed and engineered by CDC, Cisscorp new 20,000 m² mixed used building will serve as a workplace, residence and financial centre. The iconic building will become home to CISSIMMO Corporation with 250 employees, as well as other local and international firms in Senegal.

The project is located in northwest Dakar Senegal on a large urban block adjacent to the airport.
A mixed-use development encompasses 12 stories of luxurious apartment tower in the back with Gross area of 10,000 m², as well as a bank and an office building of 10 stories in the font.

One of the challenges of this project is to provide full functioning luxurious two distinctive standalone buildings with totally different functions on the same land plot while having access to surrounding streets just from one side.
These include the external shades on the curtain wall, high-performance glass and the optimization of glazing.

Scope of work

The building incorporates a number of sustainable initiatives to allow optimum natural light to enter the building while at the same time keeping the building cool.

  • Project Area Administration Buildings
  • LocationDakar, Senegal
  • SectorsConceptual Design
    Construction Documents
    Design Development
    Interior Design
    Preparation and Brief
    Technical Design
An airplane moving through the sky could be the inspiration for the next store design. A lightning storm could inspire the next corporate office design. We designed a building after being moved by the patterns of a butterfly on a leaf. . . Our design philosophy is to be open to our surroundings and the design will find us.