IL Mercato Hotel

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Located on a beautiful mount (Hadaba RAS UMM ELSID) just 7 km from Nema Bay, IL Mercato Hotel style community of nearly 200 diverse living units.

Anchoring the community ,the hotel has further an extended promenade; introducing the best mix of local and international brands for the first time in Sharm El Sheikh with a selection of bazaars, perfume shops, papyrus stands, delicious restaurants and cozy coffee shops.
It is also home to big brand names such as Adidas, Virgin Mega stores and Mother-Care, with an extended list of leading brands opening soon.
IL Mercato supplies great quality products to people living there or on a holiday in Sharm el Sheikh.

Scope of work

The Hotel designed by Daniele Morelli, a Joint venture between Construction Development Center “The Egyptian Partner” and Habitalia Design Group :The Italian Partner”.
The intention of the JV is to provide a complete and detailed design as well as the construction documents for the construction of IL Mercato Hotel.

  • Project Area Hospitality
  • LocationSharm El Sheikh, Egypt
  • SectorsArchitectural
    Urban Planning
Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.
Julia Morgan