Sheikh Zayed Water Pump Station

Toshka, Egypt

The upgrade of a water pump station, with all required works, to be situated along the Sheikh Zayed Canal in Toshka, and redesign of the station front, forming the second key element of the project, the canal was named in recognition of the $100 million donation to the project, made through the Abu Dhabi development fund, by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan El Nahayan, president of the United Arab Emirates.

The decision to use a canal rather than a pipeline appears to have been driven by the volume of water involved, though obviously this has ramifications regarding loss by evaporation, particularly in the region's hot summer.
Seepage loss has been addressed by lining the canal with layers of cement and sand, concrete and polymer sheeting with a final coat of protective paint.
The scheme has been phased and most of the construction work has been completed with the remaining elements on target to be finished as scheduled.

The final system comprises the main canal running 50km westward from the Mubarak Pumping Station, with four additional 22km side-branches reaching out in a north-south direction, to provide the four designated areas of cultivation with their irrigation supply.

Scope of work

Construction Development Center team role was the upgrade of the Architectural features of the pump station to provide it with a new resembling appearance (the façade of a Pharonic temple); and production of all entailed drawings.

  • Project Area Industrial
  • LocationToshka, Egypt
  • SectorsConceptual Design
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