Golden Pyramids Plaza

Cairo, Egypt

A tourist, residential, commercial and entertainment compound that occupies an area of 114, 755 m2.

The project is executed over two stages. The first stage comprises of a 5-star hotel, two furnished hotel apartment blocks, three residential and administrative towers, and a commercial center.
The second stage comprises of additives for the commercial center as well as a 3-stars hotel, car parking, and two residential and administrative towers along with their parking.

Scope of work

Construction Development Center team role was Data collection; performance of technical survey and the production of the As-Built drawings for the entire hotel / residential / trade center facility.

  • Project Area Miscellaneous
  • Cost 335,000,000.00
  • SectorsDesign Review
    Preparation and Brief
An airplane moving through the sky could be the inspiration for the next store design. A lightning storm could inspire the next corporate office design. We designed a building after being moved by the patterns of a butterfly on a leaf. . . Our design philosophy is to be open to our surroundings and the design will find us.