National Programme for fighting HCV Port Said

Port Said, Egypt

Hepatitis C is a major public health burden in Egypt. While the prevalence of Virus C in the world is 2%, Egypt reaches 22%, making it the most challenging public health problem facing the country.
Studies show that 9.8% (around 9,000,000) of the Egyptian population have an active infection. In 2014, 12,000,000 Egyptians were estimated as being infected and in need for treatment.
Following the high prevalence of Virus C in Egypt, Tahya Masr has come with a viable solution to cure this virus by initiating the establishment of Virus C centres across Egypt.
Virus C project intends to provide technical support and guidance for the prevention, control and treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Egypt.

The aim of this project is, to contribute to the improvement of knowledge and treatment capacities and to create synergy at national level in order to raise awareness on the issue.
The project commence with two pilot centres in Luxor and Port Said and continued in Kafr-Shokr Qalubia, The centres will run as outpatient clinics that will provide diagnosis and care for HVC patients. Centre Main Activities:
The centres will follow the preceding sequence of activities:

1. Screening
2. Prevention
3. Treatment
4. Treatment follow-up
5. Counselling


1. Front desk
2. Back office (Administration and Finance)
3. Laboratory (PCR, ELISA, Chemist, Blood)
4. Minor procedures
5. Physician department
6. Pharmacy

Scope of work


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