Magrabi Refractive Surgery Center

Riadh, KSA

Magrabi Group launched several state-of-the-art centers with the objective of providing comprehensive eye and ear care to the local and regional communities in the Middle East.
A 400m² center for laser surgery. Center includes Operation Theater, recovery rooms, sterilization rooms, examination & investigation rooms, in addition to the entailed administrations required.

Scope of work

Planning, design of all trades (structural, architectural & electromechanical) plus interior design. Finally, scope includes supervision of all works to completion.

  • Project Area Health care
  • Cost 500,000.00
  • SectorsElectromechanical
    Interior Design
An airplane moving through the sky could be the inspiration for the next store design. A lightning storm could inspire the next corporate office design. We designed a building after being moved by the patterns of a butterfly on a leaf. . . Our design philosophy is to be open to our surroundings and the design will find us.