Communicable Disease Unit - Rumailah Hospital

Doha, Qatar

The Communicable Disease Unit (CDU) is a clinical affiliate of Rumailah Hospital, is JCI accredited and specializes in Tuberculosis management through strict adherence to WHO guidelines. To maintain its undisputed reputation as Qatar’s center for the diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis, CDU comprises an Inpatient Unit and Outpatient Clinic within one compound. CDC scope included providing interior design and working drawings of, Activity Room where patients can relax, watch television and receive visitors, Receiving Area that serves as a waiting area for visitors, Outside spacious hallway where patients can sit and unwind in the evening in addition to the other medical spaces and support services. CDC provided full interior design, working drawings and construction document for the project.

Scope of work

Construction Development Center team provided The performance of the preliminary studies, functional/space program analysis, and production of the conceptual design for the hospital.

  • Project Area Health care
  • LocationDoha, Qatar
  • SectorsConstruction Documents
    Design Development
    Interior Design
    Preparation and Brief
    Technical Design
The exterior cannot do without the interior since it is from this, as from life, that it derives much of its inspiration and character.
Stephen Gardiner