Fish Market Upgrade - FMU

Giza, Egypt

One of the development projects funded by GIZ Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas, in close collaboration with the Urban Upgrading Units (UUU) in Giza Governorate.

Scope of work

The project aims to enhance the efficiency and quality of the local fish market, located close to Geziret El Dahab, along Salah Salem Street in Giza. Local markets are anchored in the community, connect people and valued commodities, and create business opportunities. FMU aims to a multifaceted approach to revamp the whole fish market in the following dimension from upgrading the stalls, enhancing the overall circulation, upgrading the infrastructure utilities networks, improving the garbage collection, to enhancing the look of the interior and exterior of the space as well as exploring the option of adding new services and needed facilities. Different approaches are studied and formulated to address the issues and challenges, for the intervention to be most effective in producing desired and lasting change.

  • Project Area Current project
  • LocationGiza, Egypt
  • SectorsArchitectural
    Design Development
    Technical Design
The exterior cannot do without the interior since it is from this, as from life, that it derives much of its inspiration and character.
Stephen Gardiner