Permanent Power Supply Camp Ramadi

Ramadi, Iraq

This project entails all essential services required to sustain the two 500 man Improved Tented Camps (ITC) to accommodate for the British Army troops.
These services will include Water Supply, Sewerage, Fire Hydrants and Communication Ducts

Scope of work

CDC’s SOW encompasses the Project Management and full Design of a complete Power Station to generate and distribute electricity for all three FOBs at Camp Ramadi.
These FOBs are Ali, Defender, and Phoenix.

  • Project Area Defense
  • Cost USD 23,000,000.00
  • SectorsConceptual Design
    Working Drawings
An airplane moving through the sky could be the inspiration for the next store design. A lightning storm could inspire the next corporate office design. We designed a building after being moved by the patterns of a butterfly on a leaf. . . Our design philosophy is to be open to our surroundings and the design will find us.