Inteligence Command & HQ Security Brigade G2

Jalalabad, Afghanistan

The project consists of the design, construction, and renovation of the G-2 Intelligence and Command Headquarters

Scope of work

CDC's scope of work included:
1. Master Plan
2. Designing of:

· Dining facility, barracks, administration buildings, latrine facilities, gym/auditorium, recreation center/library/market building, laundry facilities, fire station, guard towers/buildings and vehicle maintenance facility plus the motor pool for 500 vehicles to include Petroleum Oil Lubricant Storage Building and Fuel Point.
· A band practice hall, running track, and soccer field; renovation of the parade ground and swimming pool
· Entry control buildings, bunker, Prime Power Plant and electrical distribution system
· Development of raw water source (i.e. ground source water wells) to support approximately 1500 persons
· Sanitary sewer collection and treatment system
· Development of water wells; potable water booster pumps and associated controls; installation of water distribution system and Water storage tower and tanks
· Data, voice and emergency communication systems including centralized communications hub, and underground copper cable installed in duct bank system
· Repair of perimeter wall in accordance with Anti- Terrorism/Force-Protection measures; Design and renovate access roads
· Drainage Plan incorporating a storm water run-off plan and allowing for proper site drainage to include grading throughout the site with drainage for new and existing structures.

  • Project Area Defense
  • Cost 18,000,000.00
  • SectorsConceptual Design
    Working Drawings
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