ANA Garrison

Jalalabad, Afghanistan

The project entails the design of new buildings, prime power plant and electrical distribution system, a waste water treatment aerated stabilization pond and sanitary sewer system, solid waste transfer points, development of a raw water source (i.e. ground source water wells), installation of water well pumps, potable water booster pumps and associated controls, design of water distribution system and water storage tanks, design of data, voice and emergency communication system including centralized communications building and underground copper cable installed in duct banks system, provide range master planning, design of multi-purpose training ranges, design of an asphalt concrete road network on new base, POV and military parking areas with perimeter fencing.

Scope of work

CDC’s scope of work encompasses the design of the following utilities and structures:

- COE Housing and Office Support
- Water System
- Sewer System
- Force Protection Perimeter
- 2 DFAC Number
- Prime Power Plant
- Brigade & Garrison HQ Complex
- Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ)
- Infantry Battalion Complex (A)
- Infantry Battalion Complex (B)
- Infantry Battalion Complex (C)
- Combat Support (CS) Battalion Complex
- Combat Support Services (CSS) Battalion

  • Project Area Defense
  • Cost 25,000,000.00
  • SectorsConceptual Design
    Working Drawings
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