Gattegno Mall, Downtown

Cairo, Egypt

The main idea behind the project is to remodel GATTEGNO store from its current setup as one huge department store into a multi-functional shopping mall for high brands suitable for serving target customers categories located at downtown, taking advantage of the cultural, historic and urban context huge values of the project location at downtown besides the own building heritage, by preserving the building architecture and its magnificent facades representing architectural heritage harmonizing with surrounding luxurious architectural era of downtown-related to its founder Khedive Ismail, hence, the renovation of the facades will only depend on maintaining the original architecture while integrating new lighting solutions to emphasise the beauty, precision, and cleanness of the facades.

Scope of work

The shopping mall redesign consists of three main activities complementing each other as follows:
1- Retail units for various goods and services, occupying around 65% of the rentable area.
2- Food-court units for four different concepts with shared public dining area, also an area at ground level is reserved for a cafeteria, the food court is occupying around 20% of the rentable area.
3- Kids Land, occupying around 10% of the rentable area.

  • Project Area Retail
  • LocationCairo, Egypt
  • SectorsConceptual Design
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    Preparation and Brief
    Technical Design
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