Petroleum Air Service Hanger El Nozha Airport

Alexandria, Egypt

Al Nozha Airport is a major airport in the city of Alexandria. The airport is a distance of 7 kilometers from the main city center and located in the southeastern direction of the city.
The airport is one of the busiest airports in the country, which has all the major international airlines.

The intention of Petroleum Air Services (PAS) is to provide funds for all works to complete the construction of a Hangar (50 x 40 meters) to house helicopters, a taxiway, and a Helipads area (120 x 65 meters).

Scope of work

CDC has contributed to the construction of this project through providing a full spectrum of services.

  • Project Area Industrial
  • LocationAlexandria, Egypt
  • SectorsConceptual Design
    Design Development
    Preparation and Brief
    Site Supervision
    Technical Design
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